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D2 camber adjustable top mounts VAG + Opel


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Camber plates designed for Opel and Volkswagen models equipped with a rubber bush top mount and McPherson front setup.

This kit includes the hardware necessary to convert a D2 coilover kit (and likely some other) to have an adjustable front top mount.


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In it's category, the leading coilover kit in Finland. Thanks to it's performance, adjustability and price, this kit is under thousands of Finnish cars.

D2 also makes big brake kits, air suspensions and some other goodies.
D2 products in the shop


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D2 camber top mount, commodore ve
369.00 €/ set
D2 camber top mount, golf 3
369.00 €/ set
D2 camber top mount, golf 4
369.00 €/ set

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