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Gripper service kits

Gripper plate type differential service kits. These kits include shims and clutch plates needed to rebuild your Gripper differential.


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Service kits for gripper differentials. Plate sizes small, medium and large. These take care of 99% of gripper lsd unit builds.
Extra-Large is also available from special order, if needed. Please contact our sales if you are inquiring extra-large plates.

Kit includes:
6 x standard internal toothed plates 1.5mm thick.
6 x standard external toothed plates 1.5mm thick.

2 x Belleville spring washer

2 x shim plates 1.7mm thick
2 x shim plates 2.0mm thick
(to allow custom build of the preload pressure)

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Gripper service kit, large
259.00 €/ set
Gripper service kit, medium
259.00 €/ set
Gripper service kit, small
259.00 €/ set

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