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Black Diamond brake discs for street/racing use. Old stock -40% for space on new stock.


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Blackdiamond brakediscs from stock
Time to replace the old stock and get new stock available for newer models etc.

All brake discs from this list -40%, in stock.

You can check the make model variant for the brakediscs on the link below (opens in new tab):
Black Diamond jarrulevy sopivuuslistaus

COM = Grooved and drilled discs
CD = Drilled discs
G12 = Grooved discs

Black Diamond

Black Diamond products in the shop
Black Diamond
Black Diamond is one of our most popular brands. The brand offers brake components and clutch kits.
Black Diamond offers discs, coloured in corrosion resistant black, pads and braided hoses.
For clutches Black Diamond offers organic, kevlar and paddle clutches for up to 40% more torque cap.
Singlemass flywheel conversions are also available.

PDF katalog for Black Diamond brake discs & pads can be found here: * Black Diamond disc/pad PDF catalog *
Black Diamond products in the shop


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