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Coolant fluid, green, yellow, red 100%

Yellow, green and red coolant fluid concentrate in 3 or 10 liter cans.


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High-quality K-Fix radiator coolant in red, yellow and green. Concentrate (3L), you can get up to more than 10 liters of ready to use liquid, or 4.5 liters of fluid resistant -55C.
Different colored liquids do not mix, so please check your vehicle fluid color before purchase.

Coolant 100% - Green
K-FIX 100% of the coolant exceeds the British Standard BS 6580: 1992 quality standards. Also suitable for modern aluminum block engines.

Coolant 100% - Red
Long life red coolant radiator coolant is a new generation of all petrol and diesel engines coolers.

K-FIX Long Life coolant meets standards VW TL774B, or C, VW Coolant G11 G48 Glycol, Glycol Protect Plus.

Coolant 100% - Yellow
Long life Yellow coolant is a long-life coolant with a life up to 5 years. Observe the engine manufacturer's recommendations.

mixing ratios:
1 Part2 Part-18'C
1 Part1 Part-36'C
2 Part1 Part-55'C


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Coolant fluid 100% 10l green
39.90 €/ pcs
Coolant fluid 100% 3l green
15.90 €/ pcs
Coolant fluid 100% 3l red
19.90 €/ pcs
Coolant fluid 100% 3l yellow
26.90 €/ pcs

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