STP BOMB DAMPING MAT Silencer 37,5 x 26,5cm (0,398m²)

STP BOMB silencer matt for car hifi 37.5 x 26.5cm (0,398m²), 4,2mm thickness. Includes 4 sheets / package.


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STP BOMB DAMPING MAT silencer 37,5 x 26,5cm (0,398m²)
High quality STP made silencer for the in car audio.

  • 4,2mm thickness.
  • Butyl rubber and bitumen produced from the three layer structures silencer.
  • Very tight adhesive surface and the water and oil resistant aluminum coating. Mat may require heating the stalled-appropriate design surfaces.
  • Water And oil resistant.

  • Package Contents
  • 4 sheets 37,5 x 26,5cm (0,398m²) carpet.
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    stp_silencer_stp-bomb STP Silencer
    Stp bomb silencer
    29.00 €/ pcs

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