Rainbow Active Subwoofer 10"

Rainbow 10" active subwoofer, max output power 160w.


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Active subwoofer 10 "element
High quality and easy to install 10 "active subwoofer. Easy to install, for example, the boot or Interior down below. Power handling max. 160W.

Standard equipment comes with the necessary connection cables (not RCA), mounting brackets and a bass level remote control. Switching is also possible the car's original player after the speaker level input signal. Possible installation locations can be co-driver's footwell (bulkhead) under the seats, rear container or parcel shelf.

  • Active subwoofer 10 "2x 2 OhmMax. 160 W.
  • Frequency response: 25 Hz - 100 Hz.
  • Dimensions WxHxD: 36,9cm x 27,5cm x 8,2cm.
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    rb_sub_intelli-sub-10 Rainbow Subwoofer
    Rainbow intelli sub 10 subwoofer 10"
    279.00 €/ pcs

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