Rainbow 8" Active Subwoofer Intelli Sub 8

Rainbow 8" active subwoofer. Max output power 160w


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Active subwoofer 8 "element
High quality and easy to install 8 "powered subwoofer. Easy to install, for example, the boot or Interior down below. Power handling max. 160W.

Standard equipment comes with the necessary connection cables (not RCA), mounting brackets and a bass level remote control. Switching is also possible the car's original player after the speaker level input signal. Possible installation locations can be co-driver's footwell (bulkhead) under the seats, rear container or parcel shelf.

Technical information:
  • 20cm aluminum cone element 2x 2-Ohm Voice Coil.
  • Powerful amplifier 160W.
  • Crossover network 18db / oct.
  • Speaker Level Input on Autostart.
  • Wired level control.
  • Aluminium housing.
  • Lowpass filter 50 - 100 Hz.
  • Phase Control 0/180.
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    rb_sub_intelli-sub-8 Rainbow subwoofer
    Rainbow intelli sub 8
    199.00 €/ pcs

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