Bosch high beam, touring 190, clear


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Bosch Touring 190 clear High Beams.
Diameter 194mm, reference rating 17,5.
Price per piece including a bulb.

Product information

Diameter: 190 mm
Bulb: H1/H3
Installation: Surface
Depth [mm]: 81 mm
Voltage [V]: 12 V / 24 V
Reference number: 17,5

Note about installing extra headlights

Applies to Finnish regulations.
A car can have extra headlights which are located between the low beams. The combined reference number can be max 100. If the original headlights are 2x25 for example, you can install two max. 25 reference extra beams. If the lights dont have reference markings, they are assumed to be 20.

The sum of reference for any combination of lights on at the same time can be max. 100.

Due to the new legal changes from Trafi in 28.8.2017, additional lights can be installed also in odd numbers, like 1pcs or 3pcs.

Other Bosch high beams are also available.


bosch_high_beam_touring_0306901005 high beam bosch
Bosch high beam clear
92.00 €/ pcs

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