Castrol LHM+ Hydraulicfluid

Castrol LHM+ hydraulic fluid for citroen springsystems. Fits for brake and spring systems which have recommendation of mineral oils.


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Hydraulic fluid Citroen suspension systems. Castrol LHM + is a high quality liquid which is intended for use in braking and suspension systems in which the recommendation is a mineral oil. Citroen B71 2710, ISO 7308 Castrol LHM + is also suitable for ISO VG 15 or 22 as hydraulic oil, if required very good cold properties.

NOTE! Castrol LHM + is NOT suitable for braking systems, which are recommended SAE J 1703 in accordance with the normal brake fluid.


Please see for oil ratings.
castrol_lhm+_calhm-1 Castrol LHM+
Castrol lhm+ hydraulicfluid 1l
15.90 €/ pcs

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