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Red Line Limited Slip Additive for differential

Limited slip additive, friction converter additive lockable differentials. Compatible with synthetic and mineral oils.


Redline limited slip additive 

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Limited Slip Additive
Friction Converter additive lockable differentials. This can be used just to fit the lock retention using the oil containing no or no sufficient friction modifier, such as Shock Proof and 75W90NS (NS = non-slip). Completely without additive Lock considered "too" well, makes noise and vibrates translations. NB! in racing Shock Proof works with the friction lock as such.

Compatible with synthetic and mineral oils. Red Line 75W90 Gear Oil and Gear Oil 80W140 already contain this additive.

The recommended mixing ratio of 4% (1 bottle / 3 liraa) or 4-8% of the new lock in driving. Lowers running in the temperature up to 28 ° C, preventing the drive wheels reach the surface hardening.

Complies 1052358 GM, Ford M2C118-A, M2C196-A-19B546 MA, Chrysler 4318060.


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Redline limited slip additive
19.90 €/ 118 ml

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