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PLX SM-AFR DM-6 Gen4 wideband

The PLX DM-6 & SM-AFR wideband air fuel kit includes an SM-AFR wideband controller combined with a slick PLX DM-6 touch-screen afr gauge. PLX is hassle-free and plug'n'play.


Plx dm-6 gen 4 wideband 

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PLX is our most popular wide band gauge kit, and not without reason: The sleek-looking easy to use gauge is quick to install and preconfigured to work straight from the box.

PLX DM-6 & SM-AFR wideband in short:

  • Automatic calibration. Just plug and play.
  • Soft start function extends sensor life.
  • Accuracy, PLX is used by many professionals in demanding applications. Quick response in every situation.
  • Mixture dislpay in both traiditional leds and numbers.
  • Can replace a narrowband sensor by outputting narrowband signal.
  • 52mm diameter and only 18mm deep - easy to install in various places.
  • Versatility, PLX also works with other fuels, such as ethanol, natural gas, methanol, and others.
  • High-quality BOSCH wideband sensor package. Includes connectors, no additional wiring job.

  • The gauge stand is not part of the delivery, you can order it separately.

    PLX Wideband introduction video

    Technical specifications

  • Resolution: <0.1 AFR (petrol) wideband, <0.2AFR (Gasoline) narrowband.
  • Measuring range: 10-20AFR, lambda 0.68 - 1.36 lambda.
  • Analog outputs: Broadband linear 0-5V, 0-1V narrowband (current 20mA)
  • Operating voltage: 9-20V
  • Power Consumption: 20W (max), 13W (Norm.)
  • Power supply: Switching.
  • Operating temperature: from 0 to 85 ° C
  • Sensor: Bosch LSU 4.9

  • PLX

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    PLX is an electronics manufacturer form the USA who's most famous product is the PLX DM-6 display unit with the SM-AFR wideband controller. Other products include other sensor controllers and the Kiwi 3 OBD2 controller.
    PLX products in the shop


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