Seatrails and attachment parts


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Down the mounting rails and
Fixing the style slide rails or bolted to the page mounts.

Sliding rail kit, 271mm
- Universal
- Sparco slide rail kit Sport-bench
- Length: 271mm
- Manufactured by Sparco

side seat mounts, 290mm.
- Length: 360mm
- 3mm thick steel
- Manufactured by Sabelt


sbez200087 Sabelt penkin sivukiinnikkeet
Sabelt seat side attachment 360mm
34.90 €/ set
sabelt_sbez200045b Sabelt penkin sivukiinnikkeet 480mm
Sabelt seat side attachment 480mm, aluminium
109.00 €/ set
sparco_sco004902 Sparco sivukiinnikkeet 400mm teräs
Sparco seat side attachments 400mm, 3mm thick steel
77.00 €/ set
sparco_sco004903 Sparco sivukiinnikkeet 415mm
Sparco seat side attachments, 415mm, 6mm thick aluminium
136.00 €/ set
sparco_sco00492lat Sparco sivukiinnikkeet 580mm
Sparco seat side attachments, 580mm
104.00 €/ pcs
sparco_sco00493 Sparco liukukiskosarja HD
Sparco universal seatrail (hd) for sparco sport-seat, 271mm
65.00 €/ pcs
sco0049302 Sparco liukukiskosarja
Sparco universal seatrail for sparco sport-seat, 271mm
33.00 €/ pcs

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