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Paymentplan / Custom offer

Pay in parts or pay a custom offer from our sales with this pseudo-product.


1 € part payment 

Price (incl.vat) 1.00 € / pcs
✔ Delivery time 1 - 1 working days.
✔ EU shipping from 9,90 € and free on orders over 400 €
✔ Quick shipping. Orders are handled in 24 hours.

Payment plan for performance parts

You can purchase performance parts, or pay any other invoice with a payment plan or credit cards by adding the needed quantity of this product to your cart.

This product is only intended to allow online checkout for items which are not available in our webshop, like package deals, offers, or custom shipping. When you have contacted our sales and want to purchase an offline item, say a suspension kit for 500.00 €, add 500 pcs of this item to your cart and use the checkout.

For items available in our web shop, please add them to your cart and check out normally. Do not checkout with this product unless our sales have asked you to do so.

Part payments are available for orders between 30.00 € and 5000.00 €. For more expensive items, you can get a payment plan for 5000.00 € and settle the amount over this with a regular payment.


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1 € part payment
1.00 €/ pcs
✔ Delivery time 1 - 1 working days.

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