Turbosmart eBoost2 boost controllers


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The most versatile and most professional electronic boost controller.

Turbo Smart eBoost2 controls the charging pressures watch closely all the way over to the bar until 4. This is not a unit of vertical.

The unit adjusts the pressure of many different characteristics with, it also controls where necessary, eg. Water injection, nitrous oxide, or accessory pressure, RPM, speed, etc. On the basis of.
The device takes care of all essential pressures which even remotely related.

Diameter: 60mm

The adjustable charging pressures: 6 memory slots for different set of entities

Shift-specific control: Set different pressure curves for each gear, eg. Limited pressure 1. gear grip to maintain.

Versatile controls: You can set the pressure to change for example. RPM or speed

AUX control interface: fully programmable controls eg. Water jet or nos system.

RPM repair: repair dripping with manifold pressure at high revs

Peak Hold / Max Properties: View the maximum values ​​and the peak values ​​in arrears

Overpressure protection: Controls the boost and drop them to the pressure rises too high, protect your engine.

Digital display: Units can be set, psi, kPa or bar.

Interior: mm. Dashboard mounting kit or safety arcs, separate Shift Indicator (programmable eboostin through), and others.


ts-0301-1002 eB2 60psi 60mm Black Silver
Eb2 60psi 60mm black silver
682.00 €/ pcs
ts-0301-1014 eB2 60psi 60mm White Black
Eb2 60psi 60mm white black
682.00 €/ pcs
ts-0301-1001 eB2 60psi 60mm White Silver
Eb2 60psi 60mm white silver
682.00 €/ pcs

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