Turbosmart Power-Gate 60mm external wastegates

Turbosmart Power-Gate60 External Wastegate. With a superior flow path and high temperature resistance the Power-Gate60 external wastegate is a market leader in its sector, outperforming all similarly sized wastegates.


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Turbo Smart Power Gate 60mm

The best performance of the 60mm size range.

The flanges fit 2.5 "pipe.

- springs
- Input and output welded flanges
- Input and output V-Band clamps
- 2p 1/8 "NPT hose coupling


turbosmart_ts-0503-1041 Turbosmart WG60 Power-Gate60 14psi Black
Turbosmart wg60 power-gate60 14psi black
659.00 €/ pcs
turbosmart_ts-0503-1040 Turbosmart WG60 Power-Gate60 14psi Blue
Turbosmart wg60 power-gate60 14psi blue
658.40 € 659.00 €/ pcs
turbosmart_ts-0503-1002 Turbosmart WG60 Power-Gate60 7psi Black
Turbosmart wg60 power-gate60 7psi black
658.40 € 659.00 €/ pcs
turbosmart_ts-0503-1001 Turbosmart WG60 Power-Gate60 7psi Blue
Turbosmart wg60 power-gate60 7psi blue
658.40 € 659.00 €/ pcs

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