Nissan & Toyota Suspension kits stage 1 and 2

Suspension upgrade packages, Stage 1 and stage 2. Cheap suspension upgrades for package price.


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Suspension update packages

The upgrade package is a pre-thought-out and assembled from parts of the platform. It provides the most important parts to improve driveability, and also provides a fair savings compared to buying the parts separately.

Stage 1 kits
These kits contain basic supplies car to adjust the height and good driveability.

Stage 2 kits
Stage 2 kits offer a wider range adjustability, and are an excellent purchase more serious hobbyist.

Below are listed the contents of the series, the recommended prices, the price of the package, as well as euro denominated savings. All parts are also available separately from webshop. Stage 2 kits also contain all stage 1 Series products.


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