Aeroflow in-tank pumps (also for ethanol)

Aeroflow in-tank fuel pumps with cheramic internals for E85 fuels as well.


Price (incl.vat) 110.00 - 179.00 / pcs ✔ Available in 1 - 4 working days.
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The pump flows up to 500hp, and is suitable for E85 ethanol use thanks to ceramic internals.

A fuel pump takes care of delivering enough fuel to the engine. No fuel pump lasts for ever, so a high-volume pump is one of the most essential upgrades for a tuned engine.

Aeroflow 255 lph

» Designed for gasoline (not for E85)
» Good for up to 500hp engines.

Aeroflow 325 lph E85 pump

Also an internal pump which works with ethanol and is also tested with methanol. Delivered without an install kit.

This is a direct replacement for Mustang 1999-2010, Nissan GT-R (2 pcs), Subaru WRX & STI 2008->, Honda Civic 2006-2011, Integra 2004->, Mitsu Evo X, Mazda 3 & 6 MPS 2006->, Toyota 86/BRZ, Celica 2000-2005, Corolla 2003-2004, Ford Focus RS 2009-2010, and almost any car using an internal clip fitted fuel-pump.

Aeroflow 340 lhp E85 pump

An universal pump kit including the pictured filter and install hardware. 340lph @ 40psi. Tested to work with 100 % ethanol and methanol as well.


af49-1012 Aeroflow in-tank pump 255 LHP
Aeroflow in-tank fuel pump 255 lph
110.00 €/ pcs
af49-1041 Aeroflow in-tank pump 340 LHP
Aeroflow in-tank fuel pump 340 lph
179.00 €/ pcs

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