Aeroflow in-tank pump

Aeroflow in-tank fuel pumps with cheramic internals.


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The pump flows up to 500hp, and is suitable for E85 ethanol use thanks to ceramic internals.

A fuel pump takes care of delivering enough fuel to the engine. No fuel pump lasts for ever, so a high-volume pump is one of the most essential upgrades for a tuned engine.

Aeroflow 255 lph

» Designed for gasoline (not for E85)
» Good for up to 500hp engines.

Aeroflow 340 lhp E85 pump

An universal pump kit including the pictured filter and install hardware. 340lph @ 40psi. Tested to work with 100 % ethanol and methanol as well.


af49-1012 Aeroflow in-tank pump 255 LHP
Aeroflow in-tank fuel pump 255 lph (not for e85)
110.00 €/ pcs

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