CRC 5-56 multipurpose lube 405ml [Bonus]

The CRC 5-56 multipurpose spray is the classical choice for every garage. Loosens rusted bolts, lubes anything and can even be used to lube drilling bits.


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If this doesnt help, then nothing does! This is the new ages duct tape & zip tie, and belongs to everyones garage shelf!

CRC 5-56 multifunction grease
This is just like WD40, and can be used to loosen rusted bolts, lubricate almost anything, and protect from rust and moisture. For stuck bolts, spray on and let it soak for a while before opening.


crc-multipurposespray-32-30329 CRC 5-56 multipurpose spray
Crc 5-56 multifunction grease
6.90 €/ pcs

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