D2 front brake kits

D2 big brake kits for front axles. The 286 - 400 mm kits offer stopping power as well as looks for both the streets and track. Complete bolt-on kits are supplied with everything from braided hoses to big calipers.


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D2 Big brake kits are a model specific update to your car, installation goes easy on bolt-on.

Brakes are available in different disc sizes. All discs are in 2.part with an aluminium center.
Discs are available in 286mm to 444mm and calipers are available in 4, 6, Super-8 ja Super-12 pistons. As default, discs are shipped as grooved.

Delivery contents
2x calipers.
2x 2-piece discs.
4x pads.
2x braided hoses.
2x caliper carrier brackets.
2x brake hose brackets.
+ all the necessary stuff, including high tensile bolts which you need in the install

Parts like pads and discs are naturally available separately!

Floating vs. fixed disc
Kaikki D2 isojarrujen levyt ovat 2-osaisia.
Fixed discs are 2-part with a bolt fixing.
Floating discs are also 2-part, but are floating so they allow greater thermal expansion in rough track use like time-attack and roadsport.
Both versions have an aluminum center bell which reduces unsprung weight.

Street vs. sport kits
The difference is the caliper. Street kits come with a smaller caliper with dust boots, where sport kits have a bigger simpler caliper with no dust boots. Sport kits can also be used on the street apart from winter and gravel conditions. For all-year-round use we recommend the street kits.

If you want to use Ferodo or EBC pads with big brake kit (front):
6-piston 286/304mm
EBC yellowstuff: DP4002R (track)
EBC bluestuff: DP5002 NDX (street+track days)
Ferodo 2500DS - FRP212H
Ferodo 3000DS - FRP212R

8-piston 330/356mm
EBC yellowstuff: DP4006R (track)
EBC bluestuff: DP5006 NDX (street+track days)
Ferodo 2500DS: FRP3054H
Ferodo 3000DS: FRP3054R

8-piston 380mm
EBC yellowstuff: DP41513/2R (track)
EBC bluestuff: DP51513/2 NDX (street+track days)
Ferodo 2500DS: FCP1664H
Ferodo 3000DS: FCP1644R

4-piston 330/356
EBC Yellowstuff: DP4008R (track)
EBC Bluestuff: DP5008 NDX (street+track days)
Ferodo 2500DS: FRP219H
Ferodo 3000DS: FRP219R

Street kits, dustboots: Five years warranty for leaking caliper.
Sport kits, no dustboots: Two years warranty for leaking caliper.

Disc size - Wheel size:
286mm - 15" Wheel
304mm - 16" Wheel
330mm - 17" Wheel
356mm - 18" Wheel
380mm - 19" Wheel
400mm - 20" Wheel
421mm - 21" Wheel
444mm - 22" Wheel

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D2 products in the shop
In it's category, the leading coilover kit in Finland. Thanks to it's performance, adjustability and price, this kit is under thousands of Finnish cars.

D2 also makes big brake kits, air suspensions and some other goodies.
D2 products in the shop


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