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Eibach Pro-Tronic suspension controllers

A suspension control module for active electronically controlled suspensions. The Eibach EDC unit offers a literal plug in suspension kit for sporty driving style, adjusting shock stiffness.


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Eibach Pro-Tronic platform control units

[B] e the base control unit is the latest technology from the beginning. The unit changes to the car sportier the plug linking.
Technology is evolving and newer cars have been used in the base control unit, which controls the platform features the driving situation.

Eibach is known as an innovative company that stays ahead of the curve. Eibach has launched one of the first control units for a number of different models.

Pro-tronic control unit is designed for sporty driving style and provides a constant, better driving characteristics compared to standard.

to select the appropriate model, select the car model from the drop down menu. This product is listed in the menu for more information such as model year and engine options.


Eibach PROTRONIC does not adjust the height of the platform, but the rigidity so that it does not require any change survey.

Eibach Pro-Tronic control unit installation

Installation is easy, the old and the new one in place. Note. Does not require the wheel angles of adjustment after the exchange.


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