Cusco strutbars

Japanese top quality from Cusco. Strut bars between front and rear shock "towers".


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The Cusco All All strutbars are made up to the highest standards. The bars are not made of plain profile, but also have an internal profile unlike cheaper strutbars.

A strutbar reduces the flex of the body during cornering, and can increase the travel of the suspension up to 6 or 7mm which effectively means your upgraded suspension is more able to do it's job.

*Type-TI: Full titanium strutbar.
*Type-CB: 40mm carbon fiber strutbar.
*Type-Alc-40: 38mm aluminum bar with a carbon fiber coating.
*Type-40: 40mm aluminum pipe strutbar.
*Type-40D: 40mm D-profile strutbar.
*Type-Alc-OS: Aluminum D-Profile coated with carbon fiber.
*Type-OS: Oval aluminum profile strutbar.
*Type-AS: Aluminum round strutbar.
*Type-ST: Adjustable two-piece steel strutbar.
*Type-OS-T: An addition to Type-OS strutbars to create a triangle bar. Also requires a type-os bar.


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