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Xtreme Clutch clutches and flywheels

Xtreme clutch organic or sintered clutches offer great holding for torque at a decent price. The Xtreme clutch kits are available separately, or with a fitting solid steel flywheel. Multiplate kits are also available.


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Xtreme Clutch clutch kits
From 1988 clutch expertise from Australia. Xtremecluch clutches are fitment for tuned cars with need of reinforced clutches, fits also for replacement of OE clutch.
Product range is mostly for Japanese cars, but kits are available for a range of Euro cars aswell.

All clutch kits are not listed in webshop, but you can search for your model and make clutches from Manufacturers webpage: XtremeClutch catalog

All kits are delivered with:
  • Clutch covers with strong springs
  • Heavy duty clutch disc depending on your choice of need, organic, sintered or carbon.
  • Release bearing
  • Installation tool
  • Depending on the series, some of them have flywheel included or can be bought separately.
  • Clutch models:
    1A-series: Organic, smooth and pleasant to drive as OE clutch. Torque rated usually 400-500nm.
    1B-series: Sintered disc with springs, some models have slightly softer cushion type. Torque rated usually 650-850nm
    1R-series: Sintered plates without springs, recommended for racing purposes when dampening is not needed.
    2X-series: Twin clutchkits for racing purposes, torque rated over 1000nm usually.

    Some of the clutch kits include flywheel, or can be bought separately. Light Chrome-Moly flywheel. Chrome-moly material flywheels are more durable and lighter than basic steel flywheels.
    Here you can find installation instructions and manufacturers page.
  • Manufacturer webpage, XtremeClutch
  • Xtremeclutch online catalog for clutches
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