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Holset HX35 II turbo


Holset hx35ii 12cm2 

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The watercooled Holset HX35 II turbocharger has capability from 300 to 500 horsepower. For racing, rally and time attack turbocharger. Engine capacity of 1.5 to 2.5 litres

Holset HX35 II specs

Compressor: 54/77mm
Turbine 70/60mm
Watercooled BH
Turbinecase 12cm2 (twin entry) V-band

Note: We ship all Holset chargers with a Holset original parts gasket kit.

We're an authorized Holset dealer

Which means, all Holset turbochargers bough from us are always new genuine products and have passed Holset's precise quality control.


A turbocharger pressurizes air using exhaust gas pressure. Unlike superchargers, a turbocharger uses "leftover" energy - as in exhaust -pressure to pump more air into the engine.
There are many sizes and types of turbochargers. Some are oil cooled, some water cooled, for different engine displacements and some with an internal wastegate.

Six months warranty

Our warranty covers material- and assembly faults, as well as a situation where a turbo would break by simply driving it hard. In reality, a turbocharger is very hard to break, provided it is of genuine quality, properly installed, and in a properly tuned and working engine.

Warranty does not cover self-caused breaking or problems from an incorrectly installed or tuned engine. More information about warranty, as well as install instructions are available from our sales.


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Holset hx35ii 12cm2
799.00 €/ pcs

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