Thermotec heatshields


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Exaust manifold insulation sock
Decreases the temperatures in engine-room. Material is flexible which allows heatexpansion. For 4/6 and 8 cylinder engines.

Exhaust pipe shield
Easy & fast to install, includes attachment bands. 90cm length.

Thermal insulation tube
Wires and hoses, length 90cm.
Available from 6-13mm, 15-25mm, 28-38mm, 38-50mm and 50-63mm in size.

silencer heat shield
Installation of the muffler, catalytic converter or similar heat source, size 61x101cm.

Starter Motor thermal protection

The solenoid and the starter motor, 1100 ° C continuous heat resistance. Easy to install, the universal model.
Available in 17x55cm size.

Turbo insulation kit

Improve and protect the performance of Turbo.
Available 4cylinder and 6-8cylinder engines.

Stainless clamps

12pcs Available in 9-inch collars and V8 kit 8pcs 9inches and 4pcs 18inches


thermotec_the11246 Thermotec THE11246
Thermotec exhaust header kit 4-6cyl/small
124.90 €/ pcs
thermotec_the11248 Thermotec THE11248
Thermotec exhaust header kit 8cyl/large
149.90 €/ pcs
thermotec_the11630 Thermotec THE11630
Thermotec exhaust heatshield
103.90 €/ pcs
thermotec_the14010 Thermotec THE14010
Thermotec hose protector 15-25mm
25.90 €/ pcs
thermotec_the14015 Thermotec THE14015
Thermotec hose protector 28-38mm
31.90 €/ pcs
thermotec_the14020 Thermotec THE14020
Thermotec hose protector 38-50mm
49.90 €/ pcs
thermotec_the14025 Thermotec THE14025
Thermotec hose protector 50-63mm
54.90 €/ pcs
thermotec_the16500 Thermotec THE16500
Thermotec muffler heatshield
112.90 €/ pcs
thermotec_the14200 Thermotec THE14200
Thermotec sparkwire protector (set of 2)
36.90 €/ pcs
thermotec_the15001 Thermotec THE15001
Thermotec turbo heatshield 4cyl/small
149.90 €/ pcs
thermotec_the15002 Thermotec THE15002
Thermotec turbo heatshield 6-8cyl/large
162.90 €/ pcs

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