Aeroflow external fuelpump

Aeroflow external fuel pump with dimensions and fittings identical to the Bosch 044 pump. Suitable for up to 650hp and E85 fuels.


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Aeroflow external fuel pump for up to 650 hp

This aeroflow pump is an external model which is suitable for engine with up to 650hp. The pump's external dimensions are the same as a boch 044, which make it an excellent high power replacement.

A fuel pump takes care of delivering enough fuel to the engine. No fuel pump lasts for ever, so a high-volume pump is one of the most essential upgrades for a tuned engine.

Aeroflow external fuel pump specs:
» Suitable for both gasoline and E85 applications.
» Same dimensions as the bosch 044 pump.
» Flows to 650hp applications.
» More affordable than the bosch 044.
» Also suitable for installation inside the fuel tank.
» Connection on intake side M18x1.5, outlet M12x1.5


Takuu ja asennus:
Our Aeroflow pumps have a 30 day guarantee. While installing, the fuel tank should be cleaned of any particles, and the pump wiring needs checked for sufficient power. 99 % of pumps break from either particles in the tank, or insufficient wiring. Warranty will not cover pumps which have been broken from debris or wiring faults - on the other hand, when these two steps are taken care of, your pump will last for ever. The install steps should in fact be used on any pump, not just this pump.
aeroflow_af49-1014 Aeroflow_AF49-1014
Aeroflow external fuel pump
119.00 €/ pcs

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