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Race.Fi: copper lock nuts

Copper locking nuts keep turbo and exhaust seals leak-free. Copper nuts can handle way more heat than regular locking nuts, so they are the only smart choice to use.


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Copper locking nuts for a tight seal

Leaking exhausts are a common problem. A leaking sound, low boost pressure and a failed emission test are all problems which can be caused by a leaking exhaust.

Copper locking nuts are the best nuts you can use, because they dont come loose like their iron cousins due to thermal expansion.

Especially turbo gaskets will also fail quickly after the bolts have come loose, and that will result in a kind of screaming sound.

The copper locking nuts are stocked and readily available from our shop.

In addition to the nuts, we also offer and [url=/en/product/31916a/universal-exhaust-gaskets]Exhaust gaskets.


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Copper locking nut m10 x 1.25
2.00 €/ pcs
Copper locking nut m10 x 1.50
2.00 €/ pcs
Copper locking nut m8 x 1.00
2.00 €/ pcs
Copper locking nut m8 x 1.25
2.00 €/ pcs

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