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Brisk Iridium (IR) spark plugs

Brisk iridium spark plugs for engines which need a plug with a good spark and durability. Also suitable for high boost pressures.


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Brisk iridium spark plugs

A spark plugs ability to ignite fuel in different circumstances effects a cars performance drastically. Low quality or clogged plugs dont ignite fuel properly, and instead of producing engine power, some of the fuel mixture is simply flushed into the exhaust. Where mainstream brands usually focus on low costs, Brisk's focus is on quality plugs.

  • Iridium is 6x harder and 8x more durable than platinum. The melting point of iridium is 670°C higher than platinum.
  • Tapered plug body.
  • Lower required ignition current (doesnt need heavy duty coils).
  • Optimized center and side electrode setup.
  • A slim side electrode allows more mixture to the spark -> more power.
  • Better ability ignite fuels like E85 or gasoline in high compression/boost.
  • Ideal for high pressured engines (high CR N/A or high boost) engines.
  • Switch interval in street use 40 000km.

  • Common plug shortlist
    EngineOEBrisk's stockBrisk's colder
    Nissan 200sx CA18DETNGK PFR6A-11DOR15IRDOR14/12IR
    Nissan 200sx SR20DETNGK PFR6B-9DOR15IRDOR14/12IR
    Nissan Skyline RB25DETNGK BKR6EP11DOR15IRDOR14/12IR
    Nissan Skyline RB20DETNGK BKR6EP11DOR15IRDOR14/12IR
    Nissan Skyline RB26DETTDenso Q20TTDOR15IRDOR14/12IR
    Nissan 350z VQ35DENGK PLFR5A-11EOR15LGSEOR14LGS
    Nissan Maxima VQ30DENGK PFR6B-11DOR15LGSDOR14LGS
    Toyota Supra 1JZNGK BKR6EDOR15IRDOR14/12IR
    Toyota Supra 2JZNGK BKR6EDOR15IRDOR14/12IR
    Toyota Supra 7M-GTENGK BKR6EP-N8DOR15IRDOR14/12IR
    Subaru Impreza EJ205CHAMPION RC10YC4DOR15IRDOR14/12IR
    Subaru Impreza EJ207CHAMPION RC10YC4DOR15IRDOR14/12IR

    Rule of thumb: For stock cars, get the OE heat rating. Mildly tuned (exhaust, filter, etc.), get one step colder, and with more boost / cams or other serious tuning get two steps colder.

    In Brisk heat ratings a higher number is hotter, and a lower colder. Most stock plugs are 14 or 15 in the Brisk range. Here is a spark plug heat range comparison chart.

    299.55710 or 8

    Brisk model chooser:

    On the brisk page, select your car from the dropdowns and check which plug your car uses.
    Brisk catalog (opens in a new window)
    For a tuned car, you should use the stock or one step colder plug.

    Our import program doesn't include the ZC model. If the catalog suggests DR14ZC for your car:
    » DR14ZC or LR14ZC plugs can be replaced by DOR14IR (iridium) or DOR14LGS (quad tip) models.
    » DR15ZC or LR15ZC plugs can be replaced by DOR15LGS (quad tip) models.
    » We suggest Iridium Racing (IR) for all older cars without direct ignition and tuned cars, and LGS for new/stock cars with a direct ignition (coil on plug) system.


    Brisk products in the shop
    Brisk is an Czech top notch manufacturer for spark plugs.
    The Brisk spark plugs are a proven choice for both stock and highly tuned engines. Where mainstream brands focus on costs, Brisk as a smaller brand focuses on quality of their plugs.
    The applications are listed on the Brisk website, and you can make your order through our webshop. Brisk is stocked widely at Race Performance ltd.
    Brisk products in the shop


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    Brisk iridium dor08ir spark plug
    14.80 € 16.50 €/ pcs
    Brisk iridium dor10ir spark plug
    14.80 € 16.50 €/ pcs
    Brisk iridium dor12ir spark plug
    14.80 € 16.50 €/ pcs
    Brisk iridium dor14ir spark plug
    14.80 € 16.50 €/ pcs

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