Quaife 87G 4X4 6-speed sequential extra heavy duty gearbox


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  • Dog engagement straight cut, sequential only.
  • Oil pump incorporated within the unit.
  • 90mm shaft centres.
  • Integral in-line transfer assembly.
  • Offset gearlever, right hand/left hand.
  • Various ratios available.

  • Quaife or plate type diff included.
  • Bellhousing for RS500 from stock.
  • Bellhousings for other applications modified in-house at Quaife.
  • Optional hydraulic clutch release bearing assy.
  • Optional digital gear position indicator.

  • Gear ratios

    2.4351.8581.4941.2681.1161.000supr 1:1
    2.7592.0501.565spur 1:1
    2.4351.8581.4941.2171.000.870supr o/d
    2.7592.0501.565spur o/d
    2.0631.6871.3571.1511.0000.901supr o/d
    2.2110.868spur o/d
    0.790spur o/d
    2.6531.7451.3061.0000.8500.762spur 2 o/d


    quaife_transmission_qbe87g Quaife Gearbox
    Quaife extra heavy duty 4x4 6-speed sequential gearbox
    17199.00 €/ pcs

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