Race.Fi adjustable arms, Mitsubishi

Adjustable control arms adjusting alignment, available for many popular cars. Dust-proof uniball joints with a strong steel body.


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Mitsubishi evo 4-7 rear camber arms 

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Adjustable control arms.
Adjustable control arms, along with bushes, control the angles of the wheel. Most cars have limited adjustablility as stock, but it soon becomes insufficient when a car is lowered or the wheels are changed.

Race.Fi arms: adjustable and durable

Our adjustable arms have a wide adjustment range which is sufficient for lowered cars and custom wheel angle setups. The joints are either hard rubber, or in most cases uniball joints with dust boots. Our arms are suitable for the track and regular road use.

Our own brand, Race.Fi, is a collection of quality items from the factories who make the same parts for the big brands. Our products have been tested by our partners, like drifting drivers, and are suitable for competition uses also.

Camber, caster, and toe

Here is a short explanation of the different angles which can be adjusted.

Camber is the angle between the vertical axis of the wheel and the vertical axis of the vehicle when viewed from the front or rear. Camber affects tire wear and traction.

Track or Toe, as in toes in or toes out on your feet, effects straight-line stability and traction when turning.

Caster is the angular displacement from the vertical axis of the suspension of the steered wheel. The caster angle affects traction when cornering, and return of steering.


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Mitsubishi evo 4-7 rear camber arms
229.00 €/ pair

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