Exhaust gaskets

2- and 3-bolt exhaust gaskets from 2 to 3.5" sizes.


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Exhaust gaskets for 2- and 3-bolt flanges
These exhaust gaskets are suitable for both naturally aspirated and turbo engines, and for mild steel and stainless exhaust systems.

For a good seal, old gasket remains and rust need to be removed from the flanges.

The exhaust gaskets are stocked in our shop.

2 bolt, 2"91mm52mm
2 bolt, 2.5"104mm64mm
2 bolt, 3"106mm76mm
3 bolt, 2.25"76 x 76 x 76mm56mm
3 bolt, 2.5"78 x 78 x 78mm64mm
3 bolt, 3"85 x 85 x 85mm75mm
3 bolt, 3.5"99 x 99 x 99mm81mm

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These products can be shipped as a letter without charges in Finland.


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