Redline 2-stroke oils

Red Line 2-stroke oil with synthetic raw materials. Stabile in high temperatures, can be used normally thinner blend to give better power, protection and cleaning.


Red line 2-stroke race oil 

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Two-stroke oils
Contain ester base oils with the highest film strength and affinity for hot metal. Increased power and excellent scuff protection. Provides the lubricating qualities of castors, but with exceptional cleanliness. Low carbon residue dramatically reduces plug fouling and smoke. Compatible with reformulated fuels. Each product works in both premix or injection systems.

Racing oil
- Ultimate in two-cycle performance, extreme cleanliness
- Popular in racing and daily applications like motorcycles, marine, snowmobile racing, etc.
- Dyno proven for gains of 3-5% and more power over longer runs
- High-temp stability prevents deposits on combustion chambers, exhaust ports, upper ring, and piston crown
- Suggested use at 50:1, but useful up to 100:1 depending on operating conditions
- Chemistry in Two-Cycle Kart Oil and Two-Stroke Race Oil are identical, with different labels

Kart oil
- Popular alternative to Motul Grand Prix 2T and 800-T, as it mixes to similar ratios at a much lower price
- More power and better bearing protection than castor bean oils
- Allows operation at up to 25°F greater cylinder head temperature
- Can be mixed at higher fuel ratios than other kart oils
- Approved for WKA Manufacturers Cup competition
- Chemistry in Two-Stroke Kart Oil and Two-Stroke Race Oil are identical, with different labels

Watercraft oil
- Ash-less, biodegradable lubricant for outboards, personal watercraft, etc.
- For use where NMMA TC-W3 lubricants are recommended
- More power, scuff and bearing protection than petroleums and other synthetics

- Low-cost biodegradable product
- Designed for engines which require a low-ash oil
- Not for use where TC-W oils are recommended
- Up to 3% more power and significantly better bearing life antiscuff additives to prevent ring sticking, cleaner piston and exhaust ports

- Low-smoke formula, bio-degradable
- Excellent cold flow, injects down to -40°F
- Superior rust protection, adapts to latest pump fuels
- Used as both a pre-mix and as an injected oil in Snowmobiles
- Low ash formulation allows for use in latest direct-injection two stroke snowmobile engines

- Smoke is virtually non-existent with this blend
- For improved power other Red Line products would be superior
- Not for use where NMMA TC-W3 lubricants are recommended


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Red line 2-stroke race oil
23.00 €/ 473 ml

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