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Race.Fi Nissan Skyline RB25DET intake manifold

Nissan RB26-style intake manifold for RB25 engines. The throttle body is moved to the front of the engine, easing fmic installations. Delivered with an install kit. intake manifold nissan skyline rb25det, rb26-style 

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RB25DET RB26-style intake manifold
A properly flowing intake manifold for the Nissan RB25 DET engine. The kit changes the position of the throttle body to face forward like the RB26 manifolds. This kit is essential with front mount intercoolers, or when you're cleaning up the engine compartment. Having a front facing throttle body allows for shorter and cooler intake pipes when used with a front mount intercooler.

This manifold is made for a bigger throttle body, so the stock body either needs modifying or you can use a billtet body. Throttle body opening is 80mm with a 80x80mm pcd. The stock idle control valve will fit. The kit also includes hoses and adapters for installation. Runners should be ported according to the gasket or headwork. A direct fit tb is the 80mm billet throttle body for example.

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249.00 €/ kit

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