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Weekie: Eibach spacers -10%

2019-05-10 10:49:46 by
Lets put the Eibach wheel spacers in our weekly offer, with them you will get the perfect look and much better handling. Most popular wheel spacers are usually in our own stock and we can get the fast from the manufactuer anyway, for example with express shipping.

Its possible to look spacers by car model or with wheel specs, so basically if you know what car you are driving, then its easy to find the spacers as well. If the car is not known or it is not on the list for some reason, they can also be searched by bolt pattern, width or center bore and of course its possible to ask our sales for example by email (info(at) Spacers are priced as a pair and most of the thickest spacers comes with new bolts/nuts (depends which ones car uses). Of course it makes sense to buy new bolts/nuts for all new spacers (even for thin models). We have listed them separately in webshop with lenght, type and thread.

Aluminium spacers are also much lighter than steel spacers, but they has the same durability anyway or even better. Some of the spacer models are in our or in our suppliers stock and we always try to keep the delivery times fast as possible. Price for the spacers are always for pair, so if you need them front and rear axle, order two sets.

Eibach spacers in our webshop with discount:
»» Eibach spacers

Eibach bolts, studs and nuts for spacers from here:
»» Eibach bolts
»» Eibach studs
»» Eibach nuts

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