Ultralite and XXR wheels in webshop

2019-03-15 10:30:39 by
We have listed all the most popular wheels which are also available in our webshop from both brands. Wheels travels very quickly from the factory and a set of spigot rings are also included for mounting.

The range of Ultralite and XXR covers lots of different type of wheels, for example a 6 and 10-spoke models. There are several color options as well as different bolt patterns, offsets and widths, which you can choose by yourself. Both wheels brands are also supplied with spigot rings, making the installation much easier and safer.

The wheel selector was released last week and it is now running at full power, just choose the correct diameter, width, bolt pattern and/or offset - thats it! Wheels selector also works with XXR and Ultralite brands, so go and find the correct ones ;)

XXR and Ultralite in webshop:
»» Race.fi: XXR wheels
»» Race.fi: Ultralite wheels

Both wheel brands are also in wheel selector:
»» Race.fi: wheel selector

Have a great weekend!