Clearance products with big discounts

Outlet products contains plenty of very saleable products that has been left on the shelf for a reason or another. Outlet list includes (for example) Eibach Pro-kit lowering springs and Subaru EJ20 Supertech forged pistons. All clearance parts are direcltly in our own stock, so they can be picked up as "ex tempore" if desired.

In time to time, plenty of very saleable products has been left to our shelfs for a reason or another and that why we check the list every now and then, usually every month at least. We list some parts in outlet list and also "on offer" list in our webshop. At this time we have listed more parts in both places and older outlet products are now with much better price. Most of the parts has discount of -60%, so there is no rounding of a few euros.

As said, outlet list contains lots of very saleable products, for example there is few D2 street coilover kit, Eibach Pro-kits and Supertech forged pistons for Subaru EJ20 engine. All outlet parts are in our own stock and we can ship them right away! Also a big part of other discount products are in our stock, like some K&N panel filters.

Outlet and other discounted products from here:
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