Suspension to good shape with a coilover kit

With D2, Eibach and H&R adjustable suspension kit you will get the suspension in shape. We can deliver all the kits fast and most popular models we keep usually in our own stock.

All the three brands has a suitable suspension kit for most common and not so common cars, for example D2 coilover kits has a stiffness adjustment with height adjustment which makes it easy to make the kit perfect for any conditions. Eibach Pro-street S kits are excellent choices especially for street use when you need a height adjustable kit which is also very comfortable.

H&R Twintube and Monotube suspension kits has almost same adjust specs, but Monotube has a different shock absorber type (upside-down) which makes it great also for race use. H&R Twintube is great mainly for street use and Monotube for race use (it also works great in a street car as a compromise).

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