Wheel selector is now officially out!

The wheel selector is now officially available from our webshop, which makes it easy to find the correct wheels. Just select the desired diameter, pcd, width and/or offset and it will show all the wheels available with chosen specs.

Wheels selector makes it easy to find the correct wheels as almost 150 wheel articles searched by hand is pretty laborious, especially when you know the specs. Of course its possible to check the wheels like before from articles or brands (its also possible with the wheel selector) - its your choice!

A lot of wheels and accesories (bolts/nuts) have recently been added to the webshop, for example we added all the Rota wheels and Japan Racing wheel amount doubled to the previous one. Spigot rings for the center bore always comes with both wheel brands and with Rota wheels, nuts or bolts are also delivered in the package. After a week of testing, the wheel selector is officially announced, now its time to get some wheels :)

Wheel selector can be found from here:
»» Race.fi: Wheel selector

Have a great weekend!