Much more torque duration with Sachs SRE clutches

Sachs SRE clutch is a excellent choice for replacing the original clutch and with that, it will also handle much more torque. Most popular clutch parts like -763 and -765 clutch covers, are always in stock.

Sachs SRE fits perfectly to little or little more tuned street and race car. From Sachs SRE clutch range, you will find just the correct clutch part for all the setups. We have also listed most selling clutch covers separately, so the -763, -765 and -707 covers has own article. There is not always model specific options available, so with these its usually possible to make a clutch almost for any car.

Model specific kits are available for many car models, especially for many european car, but in these days Sachs SRE has a wide range of model specific clutches also for other cars. From our webshop you will find a product code search with pdf, so its easy to order or check a price for any Sachs SRE product. Most selling Sachs SRE parts like clutch covers are usually in our own stock and we order more when needed, sometimes even twice a day.

Sachs SRE clutch parts in webshop:
»» Sachs SRE model specific clutches

Most popular clutch covers (-763, -765 etc.):
»» Sachs SRE most popular covers

Check also much better braided clutch hoses with clutches:
»» Black Diamond clutch hoses

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