Product descriptions updated and improved on several products

This week, we've updated a lot of product descriptions, especially for all the most selling products. These have been updated especially because we want that the information is clear and important information can be found easily.

As said, this week's job has been to refresh the product descriptions of the most popular products and at the same time the description "look" is more clear than before. As a further upgrade, the small image on the product description can now be clicked bigger into a new tab if desired.

For example, description on the Eibach lowering springs (Pro-kit and Sportline) have been updated with remarks and other important information that we have been asked about during the time. Feedback what we have got from out customers, also shows in our description updates with more information and details.

Updated product information can be found for example from these products:
»» Eibach Pro-kit lowering springs
»» Eibach Sportline lowering springs

Have a great weekend!