More cooling power with Davies Craig electric water pumps

Davies Craig electric water pump ensures powerful cooling in any conditions and is also a great choice for street and track use. There are many different pump model available and its possible to replace the old mechanic pump with the electric one. Most popular water pumps can be found directly from our own stock.

With Davies Craig electric water pump you can get more trust in the cooling system, its possible to use it with the original water pump as a booster or use only the electric pump - its your choice! There is pumps available between 15-150l/min, smallest ones are with nylon body and biggest models with more durable aluminium body, which is actually a really great thing in bigger flowing rates.

Its possible to buy only water pumps separately or as a set which includes the controller. With controller its you can adjust the water flow and even a fan if needed, for example you can adjust the pump to stay on for a certain time after the engine has been switched off. Most common pumps like 115l, 130l and 150l are usually in stock and we order more every time our stock starting to get empty.

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