All webshop images are now marked as specific or general

The webshop just got a major update, where all product images are now marked as specific or general images for each product.

Late 2018, you guys had a chance to answer a quick survey, where we asked how we could improve our webshop. After all, there's no point in just thinking about these things by our selves.

There were many new ideas (thanks guys!), and one of them rose above the others: model specific images. Or to be precise, information on whether the image is specific, or general. Well, we got on with it =)

We have some 14559 images in the database, which is quite a lot of imagery to tag. Of course some of the work was doable by some database mass querying, but nonetheless, there still were quite a few images for Ari to tag or leave untagged by hand. The server also needed some work, starting from the checkbox which is used to tell it whether a certain image is specific for a product.

This week we got things done, and the update is ready and live in the shop.

Specific images are very useful for product like these, which were just added yesterday by the way:
»» FSE fuel rail adapters

These are a direct fit on the stock fuel rail, allowing you to install any aftermarket fuel pressure regulator in line with it. Needless to say, a specific image of the adapter is a very welcome addition.

We do have products which benefit less of the update. Consider spark plugs, where the only difference is the heat rating :D
»» NGK iridium spark plugs

So, this is it for this week guys and girls! Please do send us ideas and feedback in the future as well!

Have a great weekend!
Race.Fi / Willem

Insta: Gaskets, for example, benefit a lot of specific imagery.