RVS treatments for any use

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RVS treatment forms a ceramic coating on worn metal surfaces while also decreasing lashes. We have treatments for a lot of stuff including motors, gearboxes, injection pumps and power steerings. Most of these we have in stock.

RVS has been repeatedly been proven to be actually working nanotechnology. It forms a low friction and long lasting triboceramic coat on the surface of the treated area. The condition of the motor or gearbox also improves drastically when it is protected from future wear. The effects of treatments are very long lasting, as one treatment can last even 100 000km! This means that the cost is very low when keeping in mind the long lasting effects. A while ago we also had new D8 and G8 economy packs join the club! These can treat a very large quantity of oil (max 8 liters).

RVS treatments have a wide variety of uses: Motors, gearboxes, power steerings and fuel injection pumps - naturally these can be used in motorcycles and scooters as well. And if you feel like it, of course you can put these in your lawnmower or chainsaw :). The user experiences of these treatments are very good, and that is proof that these are good quality as well as actually working products!

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