Weekie: Magnaflow catalysts

The super popular Magnaflow race catalyst are now in nice discount on our weekly offer. Most of the Magnaflow catalysts can be found directly from our stock.

Magnaflow free flowing catalysts are for all serious exhaust upgrades, when you need a small but very high quality catalyst what will pass the inspection easily and is small enough to be installed almost any car, its smaller that 0.5l bottle. Recently we got a feedback from our customer:

With an original catalysts the emissions were: CO% 3,86/3,40 HC ppm 470/250
With the Magnaflow, numbers dropped to: CO% 0,00/0,01 HC ppm 19/24.

We also have everything you need for the installation, for example exhaust flanges, V-band clamps, U-bolt clamps, exhaust gaskets and wide range of different heatshields like Thermo Tec products.

Catalyzers (with discount) and other exhaust parts in our webshop:
»» Magnaflow catalyst
»» Exhaust flanges
»» Exhaust gaskets
»» V-Band clamps
»» U-bolt clamps
»» Thermo Tec heatshields

Have a nice weekend!