Gripper LSD:s for competitive use

Gripper is one of the best options for a LSD in competitive use. It works excellently in drifting, timeattack or rally use. The LSD:s are fully repairable and through us you can get extensive service kits.

Gripper LSD:s are very popular amongst VW and BMW brands, although they make LSD:s for a lot of other brands as well. Grippers are completely maintenanceable and we have all the necessary maintenance components such as discs, springs and if needed, high quality differential oils!

Gripper differentials have been used especially in drifting-, timeattack- and rallycars but if a little compromise is okay, it can be used in a street car aswell. That is if you dont mind some soundscape when going into parking spots :). Gripper LSD:s are almost all the time available from the factory, and in most cases the shipping time is less than a week (express shipping has provided us with differentials in just a couple of days). When ordering you can influence the ramp angles, and it is advised to choose these depending on the future use (30/65, 40/65 or 45/45).

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- Joni