With Thermo Tec shields the heat stays in the right place

Through us you will find everything you need for heatshielding. Thermo Tec makes high quality heat wraps, tape, shielding tubes and heatwarps. Most popular like "easy to cut" heat shield sticker are in our stock.

Thermo Tec has a wide range of different type of heat shields available for many use. Heat wrap is easy to install for example in exhaust manifold, it keeps the heat always in correct place and for example turbocharger will work much more smoothly. Heat shied tubes are excellent for brake lines, oil tubes and for many sensors (lambda, maf etc) which are usually near to the engine (and heat). There is also "model specific" heat shields for exhaust, starter, turbo and silencers, they are not car or engine specific, but made for the exact use (size and material). We have a nice stock of Thermo Tec products, especially "easy to cut" 30x30cm heat sticker which can be used almost for any heat shielding needs.

Thermo Tec products are in our webshop, here's the links:
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