New Year's offer: Mishimoto products

Lets put a new offer for a New Year! All Mishimoto products are now in sale including fans, clamps and radiators. Mishimoto product range got a little bigger after we added some model specific cooler and exhaust kits.

Mishimoto radiators
Mishimoto radiator is a model specific and high quality manufactured peace of art which is a great for replacing the original radiator. Mishimoto radiator is a much more effective and excellent compromise for any engine - no more cooling problems (not even in traffic lights). Mishimoto has a bigger water capacity and it keeps the coolant nice and cool in every condition, whether it's driven in street or track. If there is not a suitable radiator in the model specific listing, we have made a dimension pdf. where its possible to check the correct one with dimensions. Most popular products are in our own stock.
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Mishimoto coolers
Mishimoto cooler keeps the intake air always cool! The cooler the air is, the more air can be confined to te engine - temperature rises without volume increases. When you change the original cooler to the Mishimoto one, air cools much better and faster. You can find a suitable intercooler with dimensions and we have also listed some model specific kits as well. Most common cooler are in our stock.
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Mishimoto fans
Mishimoto fans ensures just the correct air flow for any setups. There is many different sizes available, for example 8, 10, 12 and 16" ones. Electric fan is also excellent with the original mechanic fan, for example in traffic jam or some racing conditions. For a bigger cooling needs, we recommend the Race Line series which has enough power to keep even the biggest engine cool. Most popular fan models are in our stock and we order more always when needed.
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Mishimoto exhaust
Mishimoto has some exhaust available also, especially for newer cars. Kits are model specific and are available for example for Ford and Subaru. Exhaust kit includes the model specific downpipe, flanges, clamps and its possible to choose it with or without a catalyst. Exhaust kits are in Europe stock and delivery time is usually only under a week, so these can be delivered very fast.
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Mishimoto hardware
In addition to the previous ones Mishimoto makes a high quality silicone hoses, catch cans, thermostats and clamps. Big part of installation parts and other hardware can be found directly from our warehouse like silicone hoses and clamps in most sizes.
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Happy New Year!