Davies Craig water pump pictures updated

2018-12-17 14:12:28 by
We updated Davies Craig water pump pictures much better, not only for resolution but also for more model specific ones.

Davies Craig product pictures got a little facelift after we changed them more model specific ones, now every pump or a pump kit has a model specific picture which shows also delivery content. This helps a lot when its possible to see what parts comes with the pump and which are not, usually there is all you need for the installation.

We keep the most smartest and popular water pumps in our own stock, so for example EWP80, EWP115 and EWP150 models can be found directly from our shelves. EWP115, EWP130 and EWP150 comes without a installation bracket but it is available separately, Davies Craig bracket will also work as a damper which will block vibration from the engine. Here is picture from the installation and from the bracket it self:

Water pumps in webshop with updated pictures:
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