Weekie: Kaaz differentials -10%

2018-12-14 10:03:07 by
Lets put Kaaz differential in -10% discount in our weekly offer. Kaaz LSD differentials are excellent for race use, but also works as a compromiser in a street racing car.

Kaaz makes high quality differentials for many race and street cars. There is a wide range differentials for most common Japan and German car like Nissan and Volkswagen. For example Kaaz has a differential for VW 02A and 02J transmissions. Kaaz differentials are available with three different ramp angle setups - 1, 1.5 and 2 way. Kaaz differentials are fully serviceable and you can get all mainentance parts from us like friction discs, springs and differential oils.

Kaaz differentials are good choice especially for drifting, rally and time-attack, thats makes Kaaz manly a race differential, but of course it can be used also in street race car as a compromise which is not a daily driver. Delivery time in Kaaz is usually under a week, sometimes even faster. Kaaz differentials are always supplied with the Kaaz own oils, which guarantee the best possible operation in all driving conditions as well.

Kaaz differential in our webshop with discount:
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