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In addition to the basic coilovers, D2 also manufactures high quality brake and air suspension kits. With the air suspension set, the car goes down without compromising on comfort, while the braking kit improves the braking power and even the most tuned car will stop when pressing the brake pedal.

D2 big brake kit increases the braking power and the car really stops. The front brakes are an excellent upgrade to the street as well as race use, brake kits are fully bolt-on and are supplied with all the accessories needed for installation. There are few discs sizes of the Street and Sport models available, the biggest difference between these sets is the size of the caliper that is smaller in the Street model and they also have dust covers and the Sport model is a bit bigger and without dust covers. Brake discs are available in sizes 286, 304, 330, 356, 380, 400, 421 and 444mm, so there is correct model for any purpose. For brake pads its possible to use D2 own pads or Ferodo for example which are usually with faster delivery and we also have few Ferodo brake pad models in our own stock in addition to D2. The rear brake kits are usually also available with a handbrake, whether it is wire or electric one.

Big brake kits with all disc sizes:
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With the D2 air suspension you can get a gentle driving behavior combined with big lowering and great comfort. The height of the car can be adjusted while driving, which is actually a very handy function, especially when the surface of the road changes from the gravel to asphalt. There are four air suspension models available: Basic, Deluxe, Gold ja Super Professionial. The D2 air suspension sets are fully road legal, so it goes the same way as in the coilovers. You need only our approval document and wheel alignment note. D2 air suspension uses the same shock absorbers than D2 coilovers, so they include complete 36 step stiffness adjustment. However, if there is no need for whole set, it is also possible to get sets individually, as "spare parts".

D2 air suspension kits with all models:
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