Weekend offer: STRI gauges -15%

Now its a excellent opportunity to get gauges with big discount, STRI gauges -15% only for this weekend. 52mm and 60mm precise and fast STRI gauges ensures just the correct number in all conditions.

STRI makes the best gauges in the market! Stri DSD series has a fast and precise servo which will guarantee a precise reading in racing conditions. STRI DSD series is very popular in track as it runs perfectly and always shows precise numbers. STRI gauges are very quiet, almost mute - automatic calibration on every start make sure that you can always get right numbers, also in the future. Stri gauges are available in different background and led colours or with smoke or clear lens.

STRI stock focus turned to the 52mm DSD models with a black dial and clear lens as they are the most popular ones. Other STRI gauges we can get quickly from Europe, usually in couple of days.

Check Stri gauges in our webshop with discounted price:
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Have a great weekend!